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New Entry...Finally :)

It's been nearly a year since I posted a new entry on here. Sort of hard to believe. I can't believe how fast the past year has gone by. Graduation is only a few weeks away, and I am getting really, really nervous. No idea really what to do or where to go next year. It's exciting of course, at the same time. Whose Line is on tv right now-this show is so funny. It's so much fun to watch. If I ever get some cash, I want to buy it on dvd. :) Well, more to come as time goes on. :)
Lots of Love,
Ash <3


I rarely come on here much anymore. I don't really talk to anyone on here. I wish people would post on River Daily more! I'm going to post something on there on Monday. If anyone reads this, how are you? How is your summer? Mine is going well. :)

Much Love,

Ashley <3


I got Brokeback Mountain on dvd yesterday. I love it. I've seen it twice now & am gonna watch it soon as I get off the computer. I didn't go to school today cos I got my period and I feel like crap. I start driver's ed later today. I hope it goes alright.

Peace & Eternal Love,

Icons/Colour bars

Do any of you make them? I want some icons of River, River and Keanu, and Cary Elwes. What I really want though, is some colour bars. One of River, Michael Jackson, Duran Duran, Cary Elwes, a My Own Private Idaho one, and a few from other Rio movies. If any of you read this and can make some, would you for me? I'd appreciate it!

Spring break is next week. I'm pretty jazzed about it. I'm going to San Francisco and L.A. In San Fran, they have this huge poster store, so I'm gonna look for some River posters. Cary Elwes is a new obsession, he's so beautiful. I found some amazingly hot pictures of Keanu Reeves kissing Carl something a rather, I forget his last name. But anyway, it's from an '84 play that they were in. SO HOT, man.

Eternal peace and love,


It's Ladie's NITE

What's up?

If anyone reads this, here's an update.

I've been in school, not really enjoying it at all. Go figure. I got my learner's permit yesterday! I only missed one question on my test. Because, I ROCK.

I took a brief "break" from River obessing, but I am yet again. I just love him.

Spring break is soon, which rocks.

Much Love,


And -

If you aren't already, please become vegetarian!!!! It's so important to save the animals. Check out peta.com!

New classes

I started new classes at school today. I really don't dig two of them, but I gotta get used to them I guess. I was gonna drop my 3rd period cos there are some really annoying, rude guys in it, but I think I'll stay in the class. It's only a 9 wk course anyway. I guess that's about it.


I'm so happy I'm done with my tests and projects for the end of the term. It's a relief. I don't have school tomorrow which is awesome. I'm gonna try to get my permit tomorrow. I need to study for it tonight. I'm almost finished reading Barry's book on River. It's really hard to finish once you get to the end. Hope everyone is well.
Lots of Love,


It's 4:30 am-haven't gone to bed yet. I got this awesome program now for like 16 days. It's like photoshop but alot easier. I'll post some of the stuff I made tonight. I have a huge project to work on this wkend which will take up most of my day today and Sunday. Then it's back to school. Well I'm mad tired, so hope everything is going great for everyone.
Lots of Love,


Just got home from school a few minutes ago. It went ok. I have a final project for graphic design and I'm not sure what to do for it yet. But it should be interesting. I'm gonna watch Dogfight in a few minutes. I got that movie yesterday and love it. River is such an amazing actor. Peace and Love,

Journal Entry

I made a livejournal last year sometime but never used it and I have no idea what the username is. So I wanted to make a new one. I want to have a cool layout to mine but I don't know how. Hopefully I can figure out how to do that. I hope to meet some new friends on here!
Peace and love,